Slovo Park at a Glance

Slovo Park is situated in a politically and socially sensitive stretch of land south of Soweto. The community has been known by national government as Nancefield, by local council as Olifantsvlei and in the last five years as Slovo Park – named in honour of South Africa’s first minister of housing and former Umkhonto we Sizwe General, Joe Slovo.

The forced changing of identity reflects an on-going struggle faced by the leadership of Slovo Park to gain recognition as a legitimate settlement to access governmental support. This battle has been fought through constant shifts in governmental policy, power and promises for the community of Slovo Park. Their only tactics comprising of service delivery protest, painstaking formal requests for upgrade and currently a lawsuit against the City of Johannesburg.

Currently the community of Slovo Park with its development partners are strategizing this key social and political move.




Saturday, March 14, 2015

Green Week 2015, University of Johannesburg and Slovo Park

The purpose of the unit was for us (students) to work in a multi-disciplinary team, applying detailed knowledge of our various disciplines to innovatively solve an economic, environmental or social community-based problem for a community partner.

We met with our co-operatives from Slovo Park Youth Forum which is known as Community Youth Mission Club to talk about the social and environmental issues within the community they operate. We then all drove to Slovo Park and walked around for few hours to observe the changes they have done in the community. Our co-operatives were very kind and friendly to us, they bought us soft drinks to cool down after walking.

Mahlomola, Andrew and Tsogolo. (Youth Forum members)
The issues they are facing include lack of purpose amongst the youth, lack of opportunities
for the youth to develop skills, substance abuse, teen pregnancy & lack of motivation. The group would like to expose the youth to more opportunities such as internships and 
apprenticeships so they can develop their skills.

We suggested the following solutions as a group:

Creating an identity for the group so that they will be easily recognized within Slovo Park.

Create a ‘Notice Wall’ inside the community hall; the wall will be painted with black chalkboard paint so that notices can be written regarding the CYMC and opportunities relating to the youth.

A Facebook Page can be set up to keep the Slovo Park youth informed of opportunities as well as what the CYMC provides, this can be in digital form as posts or members can take photos of the ‘Notice Wall’ and post it on the facebook wall. This will keep information circulating and make the Community Youth Mission Club more interactive.

Please click link below to watch the video

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mandela Day 2014

Slovo Park Community Development Forum and 1to1 - Agency of Engagement would like to thank all those who supported the Slovo Park residents on the Mandela Day activities! 

Mica Hardware Lenasia, Romans Pizza Southgate, Daniel Van Der Merwe & PPC Cement as well as the student volunteers from AEISEC, and the University of Johannesburg.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Slovo Park 2014 - Playground +

In 2014 students from the University of Johannesburg returned to Slovo Park alongside the SPCDF to address the 2013 Playground.


Friday, November 8, 2013

DAY 5: Final Day on Site

We arrived on site excited and beaming with pride and positivity having accomplished so much and ready to see our design come to life.

The concrete had cure over night so once on site we began organising
 the layout of the tyres and finalising the layout as we await
the arrival of the concrete truck to finish off the fish.

 The concrete arrives on site and its poured into the fish and the remainder
was used to create the additional seats.

We allowed for the concrete to cure a little then we began decorating
the concrete with tiles and recycled plastic bottles and lids
and the help of the kids on site.

More of the final decoration finishes.

We begin to clear out the site.

Both the kids and the students enjoy the site!!!!

We watch as the kids begin to engage with the site and show us
how talented they really are,
and reminding us just how old we really were .

We began this project with the hope of making a difference in the lives of these young kids but through this process we the students learnt that these kids brought joy to us seeing the difference we made was worth all the hard work and the body aches. It also united us as a group, knowing that we as individuals came together to create some thing so wonderful ... this was an experience of a life time one that will stick with us forever!!!